Top 5 Reasons for Living in Downtown St Petersburg, Florida

Oscar T. Blasingame
Published on April 13, 2017

Top 5 Reasons for Living in Downtown St Petersburg, Florida

By Oscar T. Blasingame

If you’re thinking of living in Downtown St Petersburg, Florida, then you’re in good company.  Downtown has grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years. Here are my the Top 5 Reasons for living in Downtown St Petersburg.

#1 – Food

If you’re living in downtown St Petersburg, then you living in a foodies paradise.  Back in the early 1980’s my father opened a little Jazz themed restaurant in Janus Landing. While popular it was also the only place on the block; he had a vision for great food and live music to enhance living in downtown St Petersburg, but he was a little before his time. Over the last ten years restaurants and other eateries how blossomed all across downtown from Fresco’s on the water, one of the earliest, to the latest offerings like The Mill there are unlimited fine dining options.

A few favorites:

The Mill – Seasonal farm-to-table / The Mill Website

Stillwaters Tavern – Upscale eclectic American / Stillwaters Website

Bella Brava – for Italian / Bella Brava Website

Cassis American Brasserie – French style brasserie / Cassis Website

Annata Wine Bar – Tapas and Charcuterie / Annata Website

Sea Salt – Seafood and Raw Oyster Bar / Sea Salt Website

Brooklyn South – Outstanding sandwiches / Brooklyn South Website

Red Mesa Cantina – Southwestern & Mexican excellence with skilled bartenders and great patio dining / Rede Mesa Cantina Website

The list is endless! Want a suggestion? Just send me an email at I’ll try to respond asap!

No matter where you are living in downtown St Petersburg great food is just around the corner.

#2 – Entertainment

Entertainment abounds living in downtown St Petersburg.  From local bands playing at the Ale and the Witch to the Florida Orchestra at the Mahaffey theater there is something for everyone and every occasion.  Many restaurants and watering holes offer live entertainment; some one’s jamming somewhere seven nights a week. From Jazz and classical to dance and Hip-Hop if it’s music you love then living in downtown St Petersburg is for you.  For concert lovers there’s the Mahaffey Theater which hosts national and international performers country music to orchestral classics the Mahaffey has become an excellent venue with surprisingly affordable prices.  Recent performance include Dwight Yokum, Dion Warwick, Donna Summers, Chris Issak, Loretta Lynn, Smokey Robinson, as well as many cover tribute performances and of course frequent performances by the Florida Orchestra.

Beyond music, living in downtown St Petersburg offers many other choices for walking distance entertainment. There’s the Muvico Theaters at the Sundial shopping center, “movies in the park” for free presented by the City in the spring and fall, live theater at the American Stage Theatre Company and the Mahaffey and the annual Shakespeare in the Park.

This article just touches on the many entertainment options you would have living in downtown St Petersburg!

#3 – The Art Scene

St Petersburg has a growing art scene.  From the beautiful outdoor murals that seem to pop up every day to art galleries and festivals, the art scene is alive and growing. If you are living in downtown St Petersburg, then Central avenue up through the Edge District is the place to find the increasing number of art galleries as well as eclectic shops.  Adding to the vibrant local art scene are the permanent and rotating displays at the Dali Museum,  The Dali Museum, one of the great prides of St Petersburg, has the largest collection of Slavador Dali’s work.  The Dali Museum’s new location next to the Mahffey theater is a popular venue for weddings and events as well as a world class museum. Presently, the Dali is hosting a traveling collection of the works of famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. And of course the Morean Arts Center with its world famous Chihuly Collection on permanent display.

If you love a vibrant art scene, then living in downtown St. Petersburg is for you!

Dali Museum Website

Mahaffey Theater Website

Morean Arts Center

#4 – Parks & Recreation

Living in downtown St Petersburg has many benefits not least of which are the parks along the waterfront. Demens Landing is a small peninsula park that projects out into Tampa Bay. Home to the St Petersburg Municipal Marina, the park also has a playground for the kids and hosts the City’s annual Shakespeare in the Park as well as other annual events. Vinoy Park along Beach Drive provides shade from the summer heat and paths for slow walks. It also plays host to the spring and winter “movies in the park,” Rib Fest, Blues Fest and many events and festivals throughout the year. a little further down the waterfront and you’l find North Shore Park which stretches for nearly a mile along the Bay.  North Shore Park is the evening place to walk, jog, rollerblade, or take a stroll with your dog. A wide sidewalk runs along the waterfront where you can find, playgrounds, tennis courts, beach volleyball and North Shore public pool.  Perfect for enjoying a sunrise run or yoga, the park is a popular and beautiful place to spend time outside when you are living in downtown St Petersburg.

#5 – Climate

And, the number five top reason for living in downtown St Petersburg, Florida is the climate.  While it does get hot in the summer, the average daily high is 81 degrees with winter monthly averages of 72, 70, and 71 for December, January, and February followed by a comfortably warm spring.  Even when it is at its hottest, the island is cooled by the Gulf & Bay breezes. With an average of 248 sunny days per year, living in downtown St. Petersburg beats the national average of 204 by a significant margin. Sunny days are happy days when you can enjoy the sub-tropical weather and play outdoors.  Finally, St. Petersburg scores an 84 out of 100 on Sperling’s climate comfort index beating the national average of 54.  The weather definitely earns its position on this Top 5 list. Living in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida means enjoying the outdoors year round.

These Top 5 Reasons to Living on St. Petersburg are purely my own.  The list only mentions a few select places that I truly, and frequently, enjoy. I’m sure many people would have made different selections. However, one of the greatest things about living in downtown St Petersburg is the variety. There’s a different Top 5 or even Top 10 for everyone. Have fun finding yours!

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