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St. Petersburg, Florida has one of the highest concentrations of 1920’s and 30’s historic bungalows. The term “Bungalow” originated in India from the Hindi word bangala which meant a home in the Bengali style. These, original historic bungalow homes in India were small, single story, stand alone structures with wide verandas. Later the term bungalow became used for the spacious homes of British officials in India and then spread into use in Britain and America, where it initially had denoted high status and had exotic connotations. The style began to be used in the the United States in the late 19th century for large country or suburban residential buildings built in an Arts and Crafts or other western style. These were essentially large cottages, a term which is also used sometimes. Later, in the early twentieth century, developers began to use the term bungalow for smaller, wood frame homes which is how we think of them today.


Euclid St Pauls Corner Home ST Petersburg Florida

1920’s Historic Bungalows in the Euclid St Pauls neighborhood of St Petersburg, Florida.

St Petersburg, Florida went through a period of expansions during the 1920’s and 30’s. Small bungalow homes were a popular style at the time and relatively inexpensive to build. Fortunately for us, many of these now historic bungalows are still around today and since the 1990’s they have seen a resurgence in popularity. These historic bungalows come in a variety of styles, a number of which can be found in St Petersburg.

American  Craftsman Bungalow

With their gabled or hipped, low pitch roofs and overhanging eaves and full width covered porches craftsman style typify what most people picture as an historic bungalow.  Many of these homes were purchased as semi-prefabricated kits that were offered in catalogues by companies like Sears Roebuck and delivered to the construction site where they could be easily assembled on the foundation which may be poured concrete, but more often on pier and beam foundations that are raised off the ground with a crawl space underneath. Pier and beam foundations are commonly found on all styles of historic bungalows. The front porches of many of craftsman bungalows were later retrofitted to completely enclose the space.

Craftsman Historic Bungalow Kenwood St Petersburg

American Craftsman Style historic Bungalow in the Kenwood Historic District.

Sears Historic Bungalows

Sears Catalog page offering a six room and a bath bungalow kit.

Chalet Bungalow

These historic bungalows have lofts. While bungalows are single story homes, the Chalet style has a small second story loft usually with vaulted ceilings and limited space. The loft area is often above the garage or forms a semi finished attic. Originally this space was used more for storage than living and wasn’t designed to be accessed daily. Today, many of these historic bungalows have had their attics remodeled to add an extra bedroom of additional living space.

Historic Bungalow Kenwood St Petersburg

Historic chalet bungalow in Historic Kenwood District

Chicago Bungalow

While rare in Florida, Chicago Style bungalows were built here in St Petersburg. They made of brick and motor rather than wood. Chicago style bungalows usually have smaller covered front porches with the remainder of the front enclosed for additional heated square feet. These historic bungalows tend to be larger than their wood framed cousins.

Ranch Bungalow

Ranch style historic bungalows are fairly common, but often difficult to identify from the exterior.  The primary difference is that these homes are divided down the middle with all the living space on one side and the bedrooms and bathrooms on the other. If the lot is wide enough ranch bungalows will have the garage at the front of the house like modern ranch style homes.

St Petersburg Neighborhoods with Historic Bungalows

Historic Kenwood 

The Historic Kenwood neighborhood is (Click here for our Historic Kenwood Homes For Sale page). Historic Kenwood is near downtown St Petersburg, Florida known for its charming bungalow or craftsman style homes.  The district was designated on August 4, 2003 and is located immediately west of downtown, bounded by 9th Avenue North, 1st Avenue North, 19th Street North (adjacent to I-275) and 34th Street North. It contains 2,238 historic buildings, and Grand Central adjoins the district at its southern boundary. Please visit our neighborhood page for more information on Historic Kenwood.

Historic Bungalows Kenwood District

Historic Bungalow in the Kenwood Historic District of St. Petersburg, Florida

Euclid St Pauls

Euclid St Pauls in an historic neighborhood in north St Petersburg (Click here for our Euclid St Pauls Homes for Sale Page). is a residential section of St. Petersburg, Florida which began to be developed in the 1920s in a former orange grove. The neighborhood has a mixture of home styles and sizes, and the Pinellas County Schools headquarters are located there. Bill Freehan, later an all-star catcher for Major League Baseball’s Detroit Tigers, first played football as a member of a team at a former Catholic high school in the neighborhood. Over the last 15 years, Euclid St Paul’s area has undergone major revitalization. It is now one of St. Petersburg, Florida’s most desirable neighborhoods. While the price per square foot has gone up significantly in Euclid St Paul’s, homes in need of work frequently appear on the market at an excellent value. Please visit our neighborhood page for more information on Euclid St Pauls.

Historic Bungalows Euclid St Pauls St Petersburg Florida

Bungalow Home in the Euclid St Pauls neighborhood, St Petersburg, Florida.

Historic Old Northeast

The Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood offers exclusive living in historic homes on tree lined streets in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Old Northeast is located just north of downtown St Petersburg, Florida and is bordered on the east by North Shore Park and Tampa Bay. For more information visit our Historic Northeast neighborhood page.

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